Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolution

Are you one of those New Years Resolution makers who struggle to make them happen? How about you try a very simple one? I have a resolution that will help you as much as other people you know. Over the years I have found that an easy way to make my day great is with simple acts of random kindness. How many times have you done or said something nice to another person and all the sudden you feel so much better?

My wife came home one day a while back with this glow on her face. She then proceeded to tell me about a person ahead of her in the check out line. Linda noticed that the lady had some fresh flowers that she was going to purchase. She simply told the lady that they were beautiful and that someone was very lucky to get them. The lady got a big smile on her face and said thank you to my wife. They had a short conversation while they waited in line, but before they went their separate ways, the lady turned around and said, “I was having a bad morning, but you have made my day”! Of course my wife had a great day after their encounter, too! Her random act of kindness put smiles on both of their faces.

If you can resolve to go through this next year doing some simple acts of kindness each day, you will not only have a great year full of great days, but you will help a lot of other folks have them, too!

Let me know if you’ve been the giver or receiver of a random act of kindness!