Monday, December 22, 2008

Patrick's Piano Recital

This morning I was sitting at my computer when an e-mail arrived that really Made My Day A Great One!

Patrick is my talented young piano student, and I have mentioned to Steve several times how hard he is working. I can tell that he has practiced his assigned pieces, and he is really making a lot of progress each week.

The writer of this morning's e-mail message was Patrick's mother. She wanted me to know that Patrick had entertained at their annual holiday party this past Saturday night with an impromptu recital featuring his newly-mastered Christmas music! She went on to tell me that her creative son had seized the opportunity of a rather captive audience by making tickets for the guests who were lucky to be present for his first public performance!

I immediately replied, telling Patrick's mom how proud I am of him! If I had known, I said, we would have asked him to perform for our holiday party, as well!

These are the kind of precious little gifts that are, as they say, priceless!

Thank you to Patrick's mom, for sharing this special news with me and giving me the perfect gift this year.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Remember to make someone's day a GREAT one!