Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can You Make a Great Day for Others?

I have always been The Day is What You Make It guy. I get asked so many times, “How long have you been like this”?
I always think back to a seminar that I attended back in about 1980 or so. This was a great day of great days of great speakers.
Zig Ziglar, Art Linkletter, Dr. Robert Shuller and a guy named Ira Hayes. As Ira was talking, he brought up the question, “How many times have you asked someone how are you doing?”.
When you go on to tell them just how bad a day you had or all things wrong in your life, they really didn’t want that much information.
How often do you hear people respond when asked the same question, “My day is going great” or “It’s the best day of my life”? I came away from that seminar with a totally new attitude.
When people asked me how I was doing, I told them “Great”, and then thought of what was going good in my life that day. They would walk away with a big smile!
I know people llike to hear more good than bad. It was amazing to hear people say, “Thanks for sharing that with me. I wasn’t having all that great a day until I talked with you. I think my day just got better”, they would tell me. I realized that making my day great and sharing it can help others have a great day, too!

So, don’t just make your day great, but share it!


Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a Dog's Life!

I'm sitting here, laptop in my lap (right where it belongs), feet propped up on the corner of the sofa, watching my two pugs, Misha and Mikey, and their friend Miranda, the cat. All three are sound asleep, after their usual carefree day of eating, following me around the house, trying to trick me into giving them treats, and their favorite, sitting on my lap while I try to read the paper and drink my coffee.
Misha and Mikey came to us this past summer through Southeast Pug Rescue, each from a different foster home, but seemingly the perfect pair who get along so well with each other AND with Miranda!
Misha was rescued from a puppy mill after having raised many litters of puppies. Mikey was literally on his death bed in a shelter when he was saved from the needle by an alert health inspector who knew of the pug rescue group and saved Mikey's life!
Talk about positive attitude! These two little spark plugs are happy and loving their new lives as pampered pugs. They seem to know that they have been given a second chance and are eager to please and show how much they love their new family. Their past bad luck and mistreatment doesn't hamper their sheer delight in living each new day. Misha's tail wags constantly, and Mikey literally tuns circles in excitement when it's time to eat or go for a walk.
We humans can learn a lot from our pets. Yes, we've all run into some bad luck in life, but we need to let it go and not let it impair our present and future.
Next time you're feeling sorry for youself, take a cue from the pet who loves you unconditionally.
Live today in happiness and your day will be a great one!