Friday, December 28, 2007

The Day is What You Make It!

So, what’s this new blog all about, anyway?
The first time I heard this phrase, about 7 years ago now, was when I was getting to know my husband, Steve, the all-time, most positive person you have ever met.

Steve’s voice mail message is very familiar to anyone who knows him for they have heard, “Oh, and don’t forget, the day is what you make it, so make yours a great one”, at the end of every message for the past 20-plus years! Lots of people tell us they call him purposely when they KNOW he won’t answer the phone, just so they can hear his cheerful voice telling them to make their day a great one!

We want The Day Is What You Make It to be a spot where you can come for an inspiring, uplifting thought AND where you can share YOUR thoughts and ideas for making each day great!

Anyway, since it’s hard to curb this guy’s enthusiasm and good humor, why not share it with everyone else! Maybe there are lots more Positive People out there who will share their upbeat ways for living each day, and we’ll “Pay It Forward”, so to speak!

Keep checking in at The Day Is What You Make It! It WILL make your day a great one!


Steve & Linda

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  1. This is a great idea. I love that you are writing it together.
    I felt happy just reading it. When I express a simple thank you to someone, we both experience a better moment. With blackberries, cell phones, traffic and responsibilities, it is easy to just rush through life. Thank you for reminding me to take the time to appreciate each moment and person who contributes to the day. Dr. Laura