Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cruisin' the Caribbean Makes a Great Day

Cruisin........., the Caribbean we're cruisin.............,

Ahh, it was wonderful! Steve and I sailed out of San Juan on a huge, beautiful ship called "Adventure of the Seas", and it certainly was a fun adventure! The trip was even more special for us, since we were part of the Jim Brickman VIP Fan Club members, about 200 strong- or should I say HAPPY! As we made many new friends and met loyal Brickman fans from all over the country, we realized that this group has a very high happiness component- just the kind of people we like to hang around with! There didn't seem to be a negative person in the whole bunch.

Coincidentally, Jim mentioned during his concerts that he tries to impart positive, happy messages in his music! This combination made for a fun-filled, inspirational week, that's for sure! There were concerts, a song-writing class with Jim and Ellen, "Brikki-okke", Gourmet cooking class with Chef Jamie, Wine-tasting sessions- on TOP of all the other activities AND spectacular ports of call to visit.

This very special get-away was a surprise Christmas present from Steve, but I think I surprised him right back with an impromptu, original song during the Karaoke session!

Ironically, while on the trip, I received e-mail news that a former colleague and friend had died very suddenly of a heart attack. A seemingly very healthy, younger man who was devoted to his young family, taken from them in an instant. It was hard to grasp, but it made me appreciate even more this wonderful, special time that Steve and I had together.

So, don't pass up a chance today to tell your loved ones how you feel. And, try to carve out some time to get away from it all sometime soon. You'll be so glad you did!

And, oh, don't forget......... The Day is What You Make It, So Make Yours a Great One!


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