Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paying it Forward since 1977

Back in 1977, we were driving from Minnesota to Great Falls Montana. Along the way, we had some car problems and had a repair bill that took the most of our cash. We got back on the road and thought we had enough cash to get us there. But, when we still had about 200 miles to go, we realized that we didn’t have enough cash to get us the rest of the way. We had a check book, but no gas station would take an out of state check. I got on the CB and started talking to find out if anyone could help us out. We found a trucker who said he would cash a check for us. So, we met him at the next truck stop. When we got there we filled up the car with gas, and he asked us to join him for lunch. When we went to write him a check for the gas and for lunch, he looked at us and said to keep it. The only thing he asked was that someday we would do the same for someone else. We never got his name or where he was from. He got in is truck and headed down the road. We made it the rest of the way to Great Falls, and I have never forgotten what he did for a couple of young kids. And yes, I have paid it forward more than once in my life time. It truly was one of those life-changing times, teaching me to take care of others before I take care of myself. Thank you Mr. Trucker who ever you are or where ever you may be!

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  1. these are the stories that help to restore your faith in the human race when you daily see so much that is wrong with them. Thanks for the story Steve.