Monday, September 26, 2011

Misha, the pug, was giving me her hopeful eyes and cute little waggy tail earlier this morning, so in the middle of a typically busy Monday, I relented, grabbed her leash and followed her happy little body out the front door. 
Carrying my cell phone, as usual, figuring that I should multi-task and not "waste" this doggy walk time,  I couldn't help but notice the beautiful maple trees in our neighborhood which have just begun to display their fall colors.  I put my phone down, took a deep breath and feasted my eyes on the world around me.
Just as we rounded the corner toward home, across the street in a row of small, younger trees, I made out one lone spot of bright red- just one solitary leaf when all the others were still bright green.  I had to get a closer look!   Sure enough, here was just one crimson leaf- the only one on the entire tree!
It was almost calling out, "Look at me, see how bold and beautiful I am"! 
Maybe I need to be more like that little leaf.  Maybe I need to step out quicker to help, try a new thing, greet a new friend, and certainly, make someone's day better!
So, I'm determined to be that bright, red leaf today.  I'm on the hunt to make my day- and that of at least one other person, a great one!

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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