Saturday, November 15, 2008

Serving Customers Makes ME Smile!

This past week I traveled on business with a colleague and friend. He admitted as we were leaving Atlanta that he had "gotten into a funk" over the past week and was just plain unhappy in general. We know each other pretty well, so over the next few days I just kept on in my normal manner, hoping that a few smiles and laughs would help him climb out of the doldrums. As our conversations carried on during the week it became clear why my buddy had been so stressed out. He had been cooped up in the office for way too long! We’re in the customer service business, and he had missing his customers!

As we worked together over the next couple of days, we both spent a lot of time on the sales floors with our team members. A number of times I happened to notice him striking up conversations with customers. The more he became engaged with the customers the bigger the smile that appeared on his face! Even better was that the customers wore big smiles on their faces, too! They were both making each other’s day Great!

Customer service, isn’t it fun? The better service you provide to your customers, the better you feel personally. All we have to do is figure out how to get everyone in the customer service business to realize that they will feel so much better if they just enjoy doing their job!

Oh, by the way. When we got back to Atlanta my friend was back to his usual, cheery self, even though we had plane delays and didn’t get back until after midnight.

Have a great week, everybody, and don’t forget….The Day IS what you make it, so make YOURS a GREAT one!


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