Friday, July 24, 2009

The Compliment Guys

Thanks, Atlanta Journal Constitution, for this uplifting article this past week. We thought it was a perfect fit for "The Day Is What You Make It"!

The Compliment Guys, two Purdue University students, gained web fame by praising fellow students every Wednesday. Well, they have taken their show on the road, and lucky for us, they found themselves in Atlanta a few days ago. Carrying their hand-lettered sign ("Free Compliments"), they spread cheer in Centennial Olympic Park, complimenting complete strangers who happened by. Wouldn't it just Make Your Day a Great One, if someone complimented you on your shirt, your purse, or maybe your big smile?

The students, along with representatives of Kodak, who has outfitted a bus for their travel, are on a 10-city tour they are calling the "Bright Side" tour. "We're encouraging everyone to look on the bright side of life," said spokeswoman Dwayna Haley. Videos of the students gained many hits on YouTube.

Who knows? Maybe this "spontaneous complimenting" thing will catch on! There will be Random Acts of Complimenting going on all over the place!

It's Friday, so let's have FUN! we double-dog-dare-you to give out as many compliments as you can today. Then, write us a note about it! Ok, Ready, Set, COMPLIMENT!!

Steve & Linda

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